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The Space Cowboys RIPEcast: Wes Smith Live at Breakfast of Champions 2017

I had the pleasure of spending my New Year with great friends, the Space Cowboys, at the Breakfast of Champions. Here is the audio evidence of the snap, crackle and pop daytime madness.

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The Sound Of Punks, Mixed by Stanton Warriors including “The Tribe” by Wes Smith

Out now- the Sound Of Punks compilation album complied & mixed by Stanton Warriors including Juice Recording’s artist, Wes Smith’s “The Tribe”.


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PUNKS is the independent label home to Stanton Warriors, Wes Smith, Marten Hørger, Plump DJs, Mafia Kiss, Evil Nine, Bombo Rosa SPEAK1200 & more.

The Armory Podcast – Wes Smith Guest Mix is Out Today!

Hello friends, totally stoked to return to Zach Moore’s Armory Podcast with a genre bending banger of a mix that’s sure to make that yo yo bounce.  Really pleased to have this one kick of the new year.

The Armory Podcast, Wes Smith Guest Mix, Track 01, Blow Up (Hijack Remix) | Blatta, Inesha & Ask Track 02, Bullet Holes | Bleu Clair & Annora Track 03, You Know I Got That Flow | Krafty Kuts Track 04, Pulse (Chevy One Remix) | Ben Coda Track 05, Woofers in the Trunk | Jason Laidback, Krafty Kuts Track 06, Feel The Rhythm | Danny Dee Track 07, Feel The Groove | Wes Smith Track 08, Bash Me | Wes Smith Track 09, Shake It Freak | Wes Smith Track 10, Bucka feat. Mr. Vegas | Lady Bee, Mr. Vegas, Noise Cans Track 11, We Enter (feat. Steppa Style) | Rico Tubbs & Infekto Track 12, Don't Stop | Quadrat Beat Track 13, IOU One | Plump DJ's Track 14, Pop It Off feat. Mad Hed City (Jaded Remix) | The Prototypes Track 15, Can U Feel That | Stranger Track 16, Old Skool (Booty Shakin Mix) | Wes Smith Track 17, Fall Down | Freestylers Track 18, Like This | Disaster Beats Track 19, Call My Name | ilLegal Content Track 20, 8-Track V02 | Wes Smith Track 21, Never Had a Love | Sanxion Track 22, Apache | Wes Smith & vs. The Ventures & The Incredible Bongo Band Track 23, Every Move I Make | Wes Smith Track 24, That Funky Disco | Wes Smith Track 25, Muzik | Wes Smith Track 26, Robot Disco | Dubaxface

While your buggin’ on that fancy art by Jem…soak in a boatload of fresh unreleased bass fueled bombs from the likes of Krafty Kuts, Plump DJ’s, Disaster Beats, Illegal Content, DubAxFace and yours truly.

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There’s also a fresh lot of recently issued singles and classics from hard hitters including Freestylers, Sanxion, and many more, full track list below.

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Its Wes Smith Yo! Saddling Up with the Space Cowboys for the latest RIPEcast!

In anticipation of the newest Wes Smith endeavor, I sat down with the curator of the famous RIPEcast, Keith Deckard (aka DJ Deckard) to talk about the show.  He is a member of the Space Cowboys, a San Francisco based Burner music and art collective.

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Tell me who or what are the Space Cowboys?

There is a really long history surrounding the Space Cowboys, I have been a part of them for 6 years now.  It is a collective in the true sense of the word that was born from a fusion of two different Burning Man camps. They found themselves at Burning Man in a “coming together” moment. They had the same temperament and needs/skills/equipment that complimented each other … and the camp was born. Today we have about 17 active members, builders, sound guys, maintenance, etc and each has their expertise that is used during the year for our activities, shows and at Burning Man itself.

Space Cowboys

Explain to those who  have not been to Burning Man what the Space Cowboys do at the burn:

At Burning Man we have MOG which is an art car and last year we built a saloon. The MOG is a mobile party that is always on the move. We would rather be mobile and a bit harder to find than have a huge party that people plan on going to during the week. It’s part of the experience, you have to make an effort to find us. It’s almost a metaphor for breakbeat, a little off the beaten path. We want the people who love it to come find the art car or if you stumble upon it and have a great time listening to it and we gain new people, that’s great too.

I know we ended up in deep playa one early morning at the MOG. We were the first ones there but a whole bunch of people showed up and we danced for hours. That was a great Burning Man memory for me, thank you Space Cowboys! 


Who are the Space Cowboys outside of the burn?

Different parties we throw thoughout the year have different purposes. From specific Burning Man fundraisers to smaller shows that give our vibe and music but are most likely less of a production. We are a not-for-profit and we really try to back art projects.  For example we backed the Bay Bridge lights project [] where a local artist Leo Villareal did a LED light installation on San Fran’s Bay Bridge. We also throw Ghost Ship which is a Burning Man type party but it also supports local artists. As we have been more successful with each show, we are able hire people/artists from other camps like Dusty Rhino (for example) and they are able to gain something from being there, helping their camp for the year.

What is RIPEcast?

Zach Moore championed the RIPEcast effort and spent a lot of time and effort getting RIPEcast to where it is now. It was born out of love and belief in the music from those with a love of breakbeats and ability to promote what we love. The sound has evolved a bit more from exclusively breakbeat, we play more house styles now as well. I’m even hearing more of that organic electro sound that we were hearing 6-7 years ago. We talked about it as a collective to widen the range of what is played and it has worked out really well- I feel like we have something pretty rare. Now Zach does the Armory Podcast exclusively and all of us involved in RIPEcast are figuring out how to get the word out on social media and in our communities.

Space Cowboy RIPE_web_HEADER_1b

How do you choose your artists/mixes for RIPEcast?

We are trying to record as many live sets as possible that we do during the year like our happy hours on Pier 70. Josh (8_Ball), a camp elder/leader, manages 1 mix a month plus a mixture of Space Cowboys DJS live, video or pre set mixes as well as other guest DJs. I am trying to curate producers/DJs that I follow and like to get more content. Even though I have a 9-5 job and limited time – it’s like being a radio programmer, I get to bring music I am really passionate about to people who really like it and what we do as well.

How did the July 24th San Francisco “The Space Cowboys present ShOONanigans with Wes Smith” show come about?

This is a really good example of how we have different people who take on different parts and roles. Jenny (ShOOey) has a relationship with Jeff (GM) of Public Works in San Francisco and she is a huge fan of Wes Smith. It’s her birthday and she was able to choose who she wanted to play. It’s very organic, we have the infrastructure and level of expertise/knowledge to propose a plan and throw a great, successful party. We also have a good track record so it feels good when you have everyone’s backing going into it.  [Facebook Event]

How can we hear the RIPEcast?

It is available on Mixcloud, Soundcloud and for download on iTunes. Wes Smith’s RIPEcast drops today at 11am pst.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Keith is a Space Cowboy and is known as DJ Deckard. His “Definition of Chill” RIPEcasts are available on the links below (I’m listening to one now and it’s great). I thank him for his time with me today, it was a awesome and interesting conversation that helps bridge the gap for me on music and what others are doing across the country for the love of music. I look forward finding the Space Cowboys and  dancing with you all in Black Rock City in 2015. Giddy up!

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It’s Wes Smith Yo, on The Crystal Method’s #CommunityService

What’s up everybody…The The Crystal Method have been awesome enough to support me and my new album “It’s Wes Smith Yo” (which dropped today)…by having me takeover their ‪#‎CommunityService‬ show this week.

The show airs @ 6PM PST today and then again on Wednesday @9PM PST! Tune in to hear the worldwide exclusive mix of the album and some bass heavy choons!  not a sirius subscriber?  You can pop on a free trial and do your thing from there.

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Juice Drops | The Armory Podcast – 079 – Omega Squad

Extremely happy for Omega Squad, the most recent addition to the Juice Camp.  They have a fresh new mix on The Armory Podcast produced by DJ Zach Moore [Facebook] out of San Francisco.  It’s really awesome to see our San Diego based breaks crews bringing their A-Game.   The Juice Drop is their own “Shake” which was released in January and bumped it’s way into the Beatport Breaks Top 20.  BLAM!


JuiceDrop_TheArmoryPodcast_OmegaSquad, #JuiceRecordings, #ItsWesSmithYo, #WesSmith, #TheJuiceSquad, #StickyBumps, #BringBackThatFunk, #Califunkya, #CampCharlie, #EDM, #UDM, #Bass, #Funk, #Breaks, #Breakbeat, #Garage, #2step, #UK, #FutureGarage #USA, #California, #SanDiego, #TheArmoryPodcast, #ZachMoore, #SanFrancisco

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Juice Drops | The Legendary Breakers of Boom Presents: Breaker Series Vol. 004 – Fonik

Hot mix here.  One look at the track list and you know the funked out vocal crew is in for a must hear session.  From the start, there’s no delay with the energy, rolling out some current bangers and and armory of deliberate classic nods.

JuiceDrop_DJFonik, #JuiceRecordings, #StickyBumps,  #ItsWesSmithYo, #WesSmith, #TheJuiceSquad, #WhiteBoyAwesome, #DirtyKicks, #BumpRStickR, #LowEndHustler, #ShortStack, #MaxBet, #TableDanceAnthony, #DubleTime, #SuperSoulFighter, #DiscoNinja,  #MCLickey, #ShanaRockit, #ConnieFlair,  #BringBackThatFunk, #Califunkya, #CampCharlie,  #EDM, #UDM, #Bass, #Funk, #Breaks, #Breakbeat, #Garage, #2step, #UK, #FutureGarage  #USA, #California, #SanDiego, #DJFonik, #LegendaryBreakersOfBoom, #LBOB, #JuiceDrops

With absolutely no stress on the promo situation, DJ Fonik delivers a really fun mix, with great flow that reminds me of what DJ’s do when they aren’t freaking out about their Stock Price or branding a new genre.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

If you dance, to breaks anyway…which I imagine most anyone reading this at least gives it a go… or you just like that hands in the air business…this mix is on that vibe from start to finish and alas for you.

The second half gets a bit darker, but only in an electro way, and even here there’s plenty of hype and old school feel to it all with no shortage of Quad.  Turn up the center knob in that low rider and roll out to a classic Rob Bass edit courtesy of The Juice Squad and yours truly!

All in all, this is the kind of set you’d really love to hear follow up a headliner, or for that matter from a headliner, perhaps an old school night, at a club where chin stroking is not your main interest.  For all these wonderful reasons, Juice Drop Meter = 9/10.

Juice Drops

03 – Mike B – Feel My Energy (DJ Fixx Remix) 07:13

04 – Wes Smith & Dirty Kicks vs. Kiesza – Breakaway 11:30

07 – The Juice Squad vs. Destruction Production – What A Rush (TJS What A Break Remix) 20:18

15 – The Juice Squad vs. JJ Fad, Rob Base & DJ E Z Rock, Sir Mix-A-Lot, L’Trimm, House of Pain – Super Sonic House Of Big Butt Rockin Boom 55:42

Juice Drops | Coast To Coast by DJ Rockit & Orkid

Big ups to Rockit and Orkid for a couple Juice Drops on this bass heavy Monkey Tennis Group breaks mix.  Kicking off with a few massive bassline heavies…make sure you have some 18’s for this sesh.  This thing rolls out a flurry of massive bass, breaks and electro rhythms like you’d expect to hear as the background tracks for a hamster driving a Kia.

JuiceDrop_CoastToCoast_RockitAndOrkid, #JuiceRecordings, #StickyBumps, #ItsWesSmithYo, #WesSmith, #TheJuiceSquad, #WhiteBoyAwesome, #DirtyKicks, #BumpRStickR, #LowEndHustler, #ShortStack, #MaxBet, #TableDanceAnthony, #DubleTime, #SuperSoulFighter, #DiscoNinja, #MCLickey, #ShanaRockit, #ConnieFlair, #BringBackThatFunk, #Califunkya, #CampCharlie, #EDM, #UDM, #Bass, #Funk, #Breaks, #Breakbeat, #Garage, #2step, #UK, #FutureGarage #USA, #California, #SanDiego, #MonkeyTennisGroup, #MTG, #DJRockit, #DJOrkid

Around 10, there’s some solid turntablist flava going down…then get ready for an electro bass assortment like that 50 flavor jelly belly mix.  Roll with that for 30 minutes into a darker space and if your head isn’t nodding check yo pulse.  I’m not going to lie, this one gets heavy in a good electro sort of way…if that’s your vibe stay tight, otherwise roll to about the 40:00 mark for some more DMC level wiki wiki and get ready for a breakbeat funk fest.

Orkid comes in around the 1:00 mark and kicks into some hands in the air business with trance undertones.  Around 1:12:00 comes the Juice Drop b/w of Feel The Break (Wes Smith’s Dirty Juice Remix) a jam I did for my pals MutantBreakz on Lady Waks InBeatWeTrust (IBWT) imprint out of Russia.  Funny how things sound so much different when you haven’t been listening to it 465 times.  Love this one.

After this Orkid takes the mix back in that 808 direction.  Lots of vocals on a several mix segue way get us into some Dirty Birds/Punks feeling rhythms.  Don’t get to comfy, in short order she’s back on that bass line grind with some half tempo sections and big EDM/Trap/Twerk level shit that will flex your Cerwin Vegas straight through the car wash.  BrokeAsFCK meter = 8/10.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Wes Smith & Omega Squad For The Win on Linda B’s MTG Mix b/w of Manchester!

And we don’t stop friends…Wes Smith & Omega Squad (San Diego, CA) team up with BreakNeck (UK) and Kid Digital (Russia) for some Monkey Business, Monkey Tennis Group business that is…on Linda B’s Manchester based Breaks show.

Event_MTG_LindaB, #JuiceRecordings, #StickyBumps,  #ItsWesSmithYo, #WesSmith, #TheJuiceSquad, #WhiteBoyAwesome, #DirtyKicks, #BumpRStickR, #LowEndHustler, #ShortStack, #MaxBet, #TableDanceAnthony, #DubleTime, #SuperSoulFighter, #DiscoNinja,  #MCLickey, #ShanaRockit, #ConnieFlair,  #BringBackThatFunk, #Califunkya, #CampCharlie,  #EDM, #UDM, #Bass, #Funk, #Breaks, #Breakbeat,  #USA, #California, #SanDiego, Monkey Tennis Group, Linda B Radio Show, Manchester

The show opens at 9pm tonight, UK time, and the megamix airs around 10pm UK time.  BTW, Wes Smith will be playing at Breakspoll/Manchester @ Sound Control on March 7th and Omega Squad has a double banger [Listen] coming out Monday on Juice and Go!

Juice Drops | Funky Flavor Presents “This is Breakbeat vol 27” by DJ Funky Junky

I recently caught up with DJ Funky Junkie out of Orlando, FL for a little bi-coastal rap session…After a bit of chat on our respective Orlando and San Diego scenes he forward me this hot breaks mix of edgy gems.  This banger kicks off on the B-Boy booty bass tip, rolls into some funk gems (including one of my own favorite remixes) and then graduates into some heavier beats and bass lines with loads of vocal flava and a couple throwback feeling choons for good measure.

The Juice Drops are:

4. Hate N Beanz – Watchu Got (Wes Smith’s Califunkya Remix) 

6. The Juice Squad & Wes Smith Feat. Big Wiggles – Bomb Diggy Diggy (Dubaxface Remix)

Official Details Below:

JuiceDrop_FunkyFalvorMix_DjFunkyJunkie, #JuiceRecordings, #StickyBumps,  #ItsWesSmithYo, #WesSmith, #TheJuiceSquad, #WhiteBoyAwesome, #DirtyKicks, #BumpRStickR, #LowEndHustler, #ShortStack, #MaxBet, #TableDanceAnthony, #DubleTime, #SuperSoulFighter, #DiscoNinja,  #MCLickey, #ShanaRockit, #ConnieFlair,  #BringBackThatFunk, #Califunkya, #CampCharlie,  #EDM, #UDM, #Bass, #Funk, #Breaks, #Breakbeat,  #USA, #California, #SanDiego, #JuiceDrops, DJ Funky Junkie

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Straight fUNK to your FACE delivered via Dj fUNKY jUNKiE! Vol 27 in the “This is BREAKBEAT” series bringing you an old school vibe with a new school twist. One thing is for sure, when Dj fUNKY jUNKiE is behind the decks, it’s got to be fUNKY!


1. James Brown – Make It Funky (Intro)
2. Groove Diggerz – Funky Heroes
3. Xtreme Project – Funk Delirium (Original Mix)
4. Hate N Beanz – Watchu Got (Wes Smith’s Califunkya Remix)
5. Comandbass & Anonyms – I Wanna Butter You Up (Headset Heroes Remix)
6. The Juice Squad & Wes Smith Feat. Big Wiggles – Bomb Diggy Diggy (Dubaxface Remix)
7. Bella – W.O.R.K.- (Original Mix)
8. Mars & Motive Ft. Mc Profit – Back To Basics (Kid Digital Remix)
9. Shade K – Doctor (Original Mix)
10. Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion – Radiate (Original mix)
11. Ground Control & DJ Icon – Wha (Keith Mackenzie & DJ Fixx Remix)
12. Blacklist feat. MC Flave – Make Them (Ghost Lab Remix)
13. Thundaklap – I Want You Like This (Original mix)
14. Superfly Jeff & Rhythmic Bliss – Killer Love (Dave London Remix)
15. Agent K – From Here
16. Fort Knox Five Feat. Mustafa Akbar & Shunda K – Funk 4 Peace (Deekline & Ed Solo Remix)