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Be Faithful Ms. Jackson (Wes Smith’s Freebass Mashup) by Fatman Scoop & Outkast

Check out the latest freebass mashup of “Be Faithful Ms. Jackson” by Fatman Scoop & Outkast!

I Wish I Had More Room (Wes Smith’s Freebass Mashup) by Tom Booze, The Alkaholics, & Skee-Lo

Check out this week’s Freebass Mashup of “I Wish I Had More Room” by Tom Booze, The Alkaholics, & Skee-Lo!

How Many Ravers (Wes Smith’s FreeBass Remix) by Prime Attack

Check out the Freebass Remix of “How Many Ravers” by Prime Attack!

Hug up on some new Wes Smith Freebass action this Valentine’s Day!

Hello friends, quick update on a couple new Freebass jams I’ve let loose recently.  You can get them with no hassles on the Wes Smith Free page.  Download, and hug someone today;)