Hot Mess – The Album

The Low Down

It pays to have friends in low places.  Low frequency places that is.  Hot on the heels of a multi week run at the Beatport Breaks #1 slot, Wes Smith delivers Hot Mess | The Album.

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Industry Support:

With industry support from across the globe, Hot Mess represents the sound of Wes Smith & his cosmic crew The Juice Squad as well as a few frequent collaborators and some old school hedz from the glow stick dayze gone by.

BadboE | Denmark |Awesome album Wes! Funky fresh grooves meets classic dance and glitch! Well done buddy!

Bombeatz Music (Jamvana)| TampaNice W!!!  Remix?

Deekline | UK | Nice work, good luck with it;)

DIABLO LOCO | Greece | HOT! YES! Killer album all around! Full support from DIABLO LOCO RECORDS!! Big ups! (Breakspoll 2012 Best New Label Winner)

DJ Lantern | DC-USA | (Proxxy & Lantern/U Street Music Hall) | Nice beats & Vocal, Diginthe Bmore Club Vibe!

DJ Love | TX-USA | Some serious power-funk going on here. Floor destroyers! Great work! (Stellar Music)

DJ_Moon | LA-USA | Wes Smith has crafted some seriously tasty funky breakbeat grooves! So much booty shaking going on here, I may need to see a proctologist!

DJ Mondo | FL-USA | A HOT MESS OF “FUNK” Hell yeah man this is gonna rock some speakers!!!!

Hong Kong Ping Pong Club | UK| Some real tasty cuts right here, top darts chaps! x

Keith Mackenzie | Chicago-USA | Hot Mess is the perfect mix of current Breakbeat Bass & Throwback Funk.  Big up Wes!  Full Support from the ILL Crew <3

Kid Panel | Budapest | Super funky vibes, great acapella useage overall. Full support!!!

Splitloop | Ireland | Like what I’m hearing, High energy phat melodies and no apologies for being forward thinking with backwards nods.. guaranteed to wreck a party…

The Pooty Club Records | Spain | This album ROCKS, full support from The Pooty Club Fam and more of this please!!

Tektite (Vitamin B) | NYC-USA | Hot mess is a dirty funky ride! Respect from NYC and Vitamin B.

Wavewhore | NYC-USA, Hardcore Beats, Broke, Electrofly, Bombtraxx and Kick It | Killer album… lovin’ the gritty funk and party vibes!!

Track Listing

Track 1:
Radio WFUNK Feat. GoGo Licks (Super Soul Fighter Remix)
Artist: Wes Smith, White Boy Awesome
Remixer: Super Soul Fighter

Track 2:
Title: Here We Go Feat. Big Haired Bob (White Boy Awesome Remix)
Artist: Wes Smith, Jimmy Bullet
Remixer: White Boy Awesome

Track 3:
Title: Ghetto Funk Jump Feat. Jack Bunny (Wes Smith’s 808 Bakeoff Remix)
Artist: Wes Smith, White Boy Awesome
Remixer: Wes Smith

Track 4:
Title: Hot Mess Feat. Connie Flair
Artist: Wes Smith, The Juice Squad
Remixer: N/A

Track 5:
Title: Bassline Crew Feat. MC Lickey
Artist: Wes Smith, Dirty Kicks
Remixer: N/A

Track 6:
Title: Bomb Diggy Diggy Feat. Big Wiggles (Dirty Kicks Remix)
Artist: Wes Smith, The Juice Squad
Remixer: Dirty Kicks

Track 7:
Title: Speakers Hittin Low (BumpR StickR Remix)
Artist: Wes Smith, Low End Hustler, Duble Time
Remixer: BumpR StickR

Track 8:
Title: Ohhh, Yeahhh Feat. Shana Rockit (Nordy Mac’s Old School Touch Edit)
Artist: Wes Smith, BumpR StickR
Remixer: Nordy Mac

Track 9:
Title: Hot Mess Feat. Connie Flair (DJ Fixx Remix)
Artist: Wes Smith, The Juice Squad
Remixer: N/A