It’s Wes Smith Yo – The Album

Album, Events, Tour & Contests

Who loves the magic fugu?  Who do?  You do? currently blowing up the galaxy, details about the Album, Tour, Events and Contests can be found below!

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Albums are fun, they tell a story, this one will take you on a journey into deep water.  This one has 12 tracks of EDM Funk, Bass, Glitch and Broken beat butter from Wes Smith and his Magic Fugu feat. the Jelly Fish DJ’s.


2015-03-02, Wes Smith’s #CommunityService takeover for The Crystal Method on SiriusXM Radio

2015-03-05, Wes Smith’s Lady Waks in Da Mix Podcast Guest Mix

2015-03-16, Wes Smith’s Billboard Magazine Premiere of Difference Feat. Franky Perez by The Crystal Method

2015-05-01, Wes Smith’s Funky Flavor Podcast Guest Mix


Loads of frequent flyer miles, new places, awesome people!

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2015-03-07, Breakspoll w/A-Skillz, Manchester [Event] [Photos]

2015-03-12, Wiggle w/Keith Mackenzie, San Diego [Event] [Photos]

2015-03-20, Stanton Warriors Rebel Bass Party, Los Angeles [Event] [Photos]

2015-03-27, Future Sound of Breaks, Miami [Event] [Photos]

2015-03-28, Gimme a Break Pool Party, Miami [Event] [Photos]

2015-04-03, Faultine, Oakland [Event] [Photos]

2015-04-04, Unicorn Invasion 2015, San Diego [Event] [Photos]

2015-04-12, India, Chennai

2015-04-18, In Beat We Trust, Saint Petersburg, Russia [Event]

2015-04-25, BooGaloo Mountain Jam/The Yellow Subs After Hours, Silverado, CA [Event]

2015-05-01, Vitamin B, Brooklyn, NY [Event]

2015-05-07, EDM Music Series, Charleston, SC [Event]

2015-05-08, Jam The Block, Ocala, FL [Event]

2015-05-09, Funky Flavor, Orlando, FL [Event]

2015-05-15, I Heart Breakbeats, St. Louis, MO [Event]

2015-05-16, May Daze, Bowling Green, VA [Event]

2015-05-23, Why We Groove, Boulder, CO [Event]

2015-05-30, Wiggle, San Diego, CA [Event] [Photos]

2015-06-07, Broken Grooves, USA [Event] [Photos]

2015-06-13, #RandomBreaksParty, Honolulu, HI [Event] [Photos]

2015-06-19/20, Blacked Out Like FF Miles

2015-07-03, In Unicorns We Trust, Los Angeles, CA [Event] [Photos]

2015-07/10, Breaks Yo!, Miami, FL [Event]

2015-07/18, Wiggle, San Diego [Event]

2015-07-24, Space Cowboys Present ShOOnanigans, San Francisco, CA [Event]

2015-08-01, Electric Love Festival, Vancouver, Canada [Event]

2015-08-07/08, Asia TBF

2015-08-14/15, Asia TBF

2015-08-21/22, Asia TBF

2015-08-28 through 2015-09-06, Burning Man Camp Charlie, Dusty Rhino, Dusty Poon Saloon, Slut Garden,

[Tour Over]


Free Stuff

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Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt’s are fun, but alas, this one is over.

Grand Prize Winner: Jen Zubal

Runner up Winners: Jimmy Rivera, Breat Shoopman, Kimby Rainbow, Kristi Fennel & Rich Doss.

Read all about what you could have won [here] 🙂