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I Wish I Had More Room (Wes Smith’s Freebass Mashup) by Tom Booze, The Alkaholics, & Skee-Lo

Check out this week’s Freebass Mashup of “I Wish I Had More Room” by Tom Booze, The Alkaholics, & Skee-Lo!

September Vibreaktions (Wes Smith’s FreeBass Mashup) by Marky Mark, Heavy D and Earth Wind & Fire

Check out the Freebass Mashup of “September Vibreaktions” by Marky Mark, Earth Wind & Fire, and Heavy D!

How Many Ravers (Wes Smith’s FreeBass Remix) by Prime Attack

Check out the Freebass Remix of “How Many Ravers” by Prime Attack!

Game On Tour Kick Off Party @ Monarch, San Francisco [October, 21st, 2016]

Incredibly psyched to announce my Game On Tour coming late 2016;)  I’m kicking it off  in the amazing city of San Francisco with a killer venue and line up.  In the mean time, I’ll be on a mini tour b/w of Burning Man and a few other gigs diligently preparing to hit the road and bring all the new sounds from my arsenal of Originals, Edits, and friends from Juice Recordings and other great labels….oh and some dope swag;)


General Info:

Hot on the heels of the Table Top Racing Video Game, I’m hitting the road to share music & swag with friends and fans.  The Game On Tour kicks off at San Francisco’s Monarch on Friday October 21st.  Joining me on the decks will be DJ ShOOey, DJ ICON, DJ Nugz and kev/null dropping a variety of electronic dance music flavors.

Limited discounted pre-sale tickets & cool tour swag:

Tabletop Racing Video Game Soundtrack

The tour theme is based on my recent video game project.  Check out some of the sounds below.

Move Like Us by Wes Smith

Heya Freaks…Bouncin’ some unique energy to the bass house & breakbeats sound in this two track release, Move Like Us. Official info below:


The Califournya mix delivers the wub, while maintaining that funky style. The Califunkya Mix chops up the beat and increases the pressure, turning even the stiffest of parties into a full blown rave.

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London Town by White Riots (Wes Smith’s Califunkya Remix)

Hey all, totally stoked on this jam…yes, the remixes of White Riot’s LondonTown on InBeatWeTrust Music are out now, including 3 wicked remixes by myself, Rico Tubbs & Terry Hooligan, OutSelect & Joe C. With genres ranging from classic electro & breakbeat style, garage and future bass/breaks, this is sure to bang the box.


Massive support from: Dub Pistols, Jay Cunning, Aphrodite, DJ Icon, Se7en Deadly Breaks, Beat Assassins, Beatslappaz, Far Too Loud, B-Phreak & more!

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It’s Wes Smith Yo @ Subsdance “Beers 4 Breaks” in Baltimore MD

Hey hey friends…after an amazing time in the woods @ the Flower of Life Festival…My pals @ Subsdance are brining me back to the Urban landscape of Baltimore for a Craft Beats & Beers themed throw down @ Bambou.  Let’s go;)

From the Promoter

Subsdance invites you to their first annual BBQ bash, a 10 hour outside only bonanza at Bambou on July 16th! Come get down drink all the beers and get schwifty.

Beer 4 Breaks 2


1 Unified Dance Floor
10 Hours of music including:
Breakbeat /Glitch Hop/ Drum and Bass/ Dubstep + More!
Fun games and activities all night long
Beer Pong Tournament!
Huge Sound
Blinky Lights and Lazers
Food all night

and Free Swag…


Music From

Wes Smith | Juice Recordings

Wes Smith is an award winning American DJ and producer based out of San Diego, CA. With releases on Punks Music and Juice Recordings, he is a Beatport top ranked artist, track and label head multiple years running including several #1’s.

With official support from The Crystal Method, Stanton Warriors & Dub Pistols his music is heard on major dance floors and radio programs around the world. His recent live shows include domestic and international events dropping main floor sets that run the genre game with edgy beats, bass and vocals.

Fringe | Subsdance

The Wetsteppers | Badass

Frank n Stein | Subsdance
(Hazelnut vs Xart)

DJ Amp | Symbiotic

Toymaka Vs Sayzar | Steez

Thomas Marlar Vs Begood | Re:magine Subsdance

Level 5

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It’s Wes Smith Yo – The Album Remixed Vol. 2

Hey all, posting this one a bit late, but what a great success this was and still is…smashing up the charts.

Official info below..

Remixing the life aquatic round two, Wes Smith invites you to join him and his magic fugu for a journey into the remix.  With a proper remix album, exploring the currents of twelve minds, Wes Smith reserves a seat for you to float among his jelly fish friends as you feel the funk, roll out to the club, and rave on.  Drop the low end and press play!


[Buy It Now: Beatport]

It’s Wes Smith Yo – The Album Remixed Vol 2 : Beatslappaz Interview

And now…wrapping up the IWSY Remixed Volume 2 interview series…some of the baddest and funniest bass makers on the planet…from the land down under, the one, the only Beatslappaz;)

Interview by Kelly Ross/Agent 137

Tell us … who are you?

A: We’re the Beatslappaz, a duo that’s been writing music and playing shows together for the last 10 years.

Please give me a brief background on your dj/production experience:

A: We first got together after being brought onto a radio show as guests that ran from Midnight till 6am on a Sunday morning. We had similar tastes and goals and decided to form up into the duo we are now.

We had our first release on vinyl way back in 2007, then went quiet for a bit until we reformed a few years back to start producing again – and here we are!

Tell us which remix you did for the IWSY remix album:

A: Wes Smith – Hands Up!

What made you choose this particular song?

A: We generally only remix songs where the song title tells you what activity you should be doing while you’re listening to it.

What is your Wes Smith connection? 

A: When you see a man with mutton chops that you respect, you don’t just throw him a life-jacket. You swim one out to him. I hit him up over Facebook to let him know that I loved his work and we bonded over fish tacos. While we haven’t met yet, I can tell the guy is one of the nicest guys in the business and lord knows he works hard for it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 3.25.59 PM

What’s next on next for you after this? Do you have any upcoming projects/remixes you would like to mention?

A: Our homies at Punks Music have us locked in for a few projects. “The Drop” is our next original that’s going to hit shelves soon, along with a remix for Wuki and the Stanton Warriors. Big things! We really want to head back to the states and play a few shows there, so look for that later this year as well.

Any last thoughts?

A: I would like to ask you a question – Would you rather have hiccups for the rest of your life, or would you rather permanently feel like you’re going to sneeze but never do?

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It’s Wes Smith Yo – The Album Remixed Vol 2 : Lunathics Interview

Next up in the Agent 137 interview series for It’s Wes Smith Yo – The Album Remixed Volume 2…

Interview by Kelly Ross.

Tell us – who are you?

I am Diego , from the South of Spain , but I have lived in Ibiza since 2014.


Please give me a brief background on your dj/production experience:

I have been mixing since 2000 and producing since 2008. I have played alongside artists like the Stanton Warriors, Deekline, Lady Waks etc.

Tell us which remix you did for the IWSY remix album:

Turntable Sax

What made you choose this particular song?

Because I liked the funky touch with that sax. Its a fun song that makes you dance.

What is your Wes Smith connection? 

Wes and I met via Facebook . Wes liked my remix productions and he suggested me do a remix of one of the songs from his album “Its Wes Smith , The Album Vol 1”. We connected quickly and we have a very cordial relationship.

What’s next on next for you after this? Do you have any upcoming projects/remixes you would like to mention?

I’m working on 2 new songs for the label Selecta Breaks (Spain) and have recently recorded a guestmix for Anonyms radioshow , Record breaks (Russia ).Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.04.08 AMThank you for this opportunity. The treatment I have received has been great, I’m impressed by the professionalism of Wes’s whole team. I hope work again with Wes on new tracks!

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