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Get Up Get Down by L.E.F. (Wes Smith’s Califournya Remix)


Check it, it’s the official remix of L.E.F.’s “Get Up Get Down” by Wes Smith. Shredding the frequencies in a Califournya house bounce to your bounce ounce.

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Don’t Touch by Wes Smith (Califunkya and Califournya Mix)

Get ready for pure funk brutality with Don’t Touch. Blasting though a Califunkya Mix that shakes it up and tears it down, while the Califournya Mix lines up the kicks and drops in a supafresh melody.

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Do the Uprock by Wes Smith

Back at it again with not just a Califunkya but a Califournya version of “Do The Uprock”. Both tunes pack enough heat to have the crowd bouncin’ all night. As always, the Califunkya Mix breaks the beat while the Califournya Mix features four on the floor action.

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Here We Go Again by Wes Smith & Max Bet

Next up on the release tip…Presenting “Here We Go Again”, a three track release including only the nastiest of frequencies, produced with the sole intention of making you move. “Here We Go Again” is a downright sinister beat, while “Let’s Get Down” follows suit with brutal distortion and finally “Throw That Tempo” turns up the speed and brings the bounce.  GO;)

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Get Down To The Funk by Wes Smith & White Boy Awesome

Out and about….

Get Down To The Funk achieves its mission statement in style. The Califunkya Mix is a hands in the air anthem with funk guitar, vocoder, and pure body movin’ groove. The Califournya Mix blends funky melodic bassline house with a classic break down and dark sub range vibrations.

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Rubberbands by Wes Smith, Dirty Kicks & Short Stack

Juice Recordings presents the latest release, Rubberbands. Both tracks push the envelope, smashing the floor and innovating the genre. Rubberbands features an absolutely brutal synth lead that is sure to induce bass face. Come On Baby brings an electrifying energy and a rolling beat before re-dropping into a undisputable festival smasher.

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Everybody In the Place by Wes Smith, Short Stack [Original + Festivus Remix]

Bringing in the new year with these two bangers on Juice Recordings. The original mix of “Everybody In The Place” is meant to turn up the heat to a blisteringly hot level, while the festivus mix slices up the beat with some downright nasty synth sounds.

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It’s Wes Smith Yo! @ The Space Cowboys, Breakfast of Champions, New Years Day 2017, San Francisco

Calling all bay area heads…The Space Cowboys are at it again for the 17th Annual, and might I add epic, Breakfast of Champions at The Midway in San Francisco.  Join me on a snap, crackle and pop adventure this New Years Day as the action starts at 6am and doesn’t stop until you eat all you’re cereal, blow bubbles and cry uncle;)  If you don’t have your ticket yet, it will get hectic, so scoop ya tickets here [Link].

To up the ante, my fun loving cohorts over at Juice Recordings are giving away some FREE swag.  Check out my #12DaysOfBOC swag-athon and win stuff [Link].

About the Event:

For a bit about this tradition…check a few videos from [2014], [2015] & [2016]…and then here is the details for 2017;)

► 2 Stages inside The Midway: RIDE & Gods and Monsters starting at am!

► Outdoor Tented DJ Stage starting at 8AM

► Full bars both inside and out!

► Cafe at The Midway

► Plenty of port-o-lets, outdoor seating

► Photo booth by PhotoBoof!

► Food Trucks & Local Designer Pop Up!

► Art Cars

★ 2017 LINEUP!★

[ Special Guests ]

Marques Wyatt / DEEPLA, Lee Reynolds / Desert Hearts, Wes Smith / Juice Recordings, Patricio / Do Lab / Favela Music, DJ Mes / Guesthouse Music, Jeno Void / WICKED / Noise from the Void, WhiteNoize / Ultra / InStereo

[ Friends of Cowboys ]

Bachelors Of Science / CODE Recordings, Cptn Jay / Airpusher, DJ Brian / Mystopia, DJ kev/null / Frolic, Eric Riggsbee / Faultline, Ethan Miller / FnF, Felix the Dog / Groundscore SF, Haute Mess / Brass Tax / Angels of bAss, Leyl Master Black / dEOxidized, Little John the DJ / Raindance, Lushbunny / NUTZ, Motion Potion / SFFunk / Janky Barge, Nugz / Dusty Rhino, Ren the Vinyl Archaeologist / True Skool, Simo / Sleevin’ Records, Sychosis / Hot Cakes, ViaJay / Angels of bAss

[ Space Cowboy DJ’s ]

Josh Damon / 8Ball, Brad Robinson, Tamo, Erik Hz the DJ, DJ ShOOey, Kapt N Kirk, DJ Mancub, DJ Deckard, rrRus, Shissla

And you thought the beat slowed down…

So much win above, but here are a few artist highlights below for the am crunchy crunch:

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TTR World Tour – Bonus Content EP, Lean With It by Wes Smith + Low End Hustler + Duble Time

Hey hey friends…had a bit of hiccup posting this one, better late then never.

The TTR World Tour – Bonus Content EP series brings you massive music on a micro scale.  Combat racing has never sounded so good or been so much fun.  Table Top Racing World Tour [TTR World Tour] is the brand new, high octane, combat racer from Playrise Digital.

The full soundtrack contains over 40 dancefloor smashers by Wes Smith & a long list of friends including Dub Pistols, DJ Fixx, Omega Squad, Mutantbreakz, On Da Mike, BBK, Goldillox, DubAxFace, G$Montana, Diebeat, Short Stack, Dirty Kicks, The Bomb Squad, Low End Hustler & White Boy Awesome.

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Come Together by Wes Smith

Hellow friends…out and about, thanks for all the support;)

Vocal chops, a driving beat, ragga flavor and a nice warm bassline… What more could one ask for? Harnessing the inner rastaman in this latest release for a beat that come together. The Califournya Mix offers listeners only the freshest of smooth grooves while the Califunkya Mix turns up some savage frequencies.