The Wes Smith Variety ShYo Episode #1 w/Special Guest Geo Lopez

The Variety ShYo is based in San Diego, CA.  I talk with real people I’ve met through the music business, about real things, in real time, with no edits.

Episode #1 includes special guest Geo Lopez from Miami, FL.  I’ve played parties for him and we’ve become good friends having good times.

Check it for the 411 on pieces of Miami Music Week history, Pink Flamingos, New Music, a Sock Battle, Tacos, Cuban Hot Spots, Video Games and more…

Stay Classy Yo!


  • Scott Copeland

    Geo Lopez is Great People, & I’ve had that same Luxury as you Wes, to become Great Friends & Basically Family with Geo!!!!
    When you come to FL for WMC, Geo, Yourself, & me, & some Women,
    We’ll have to set aside a few extra days to venture up to my Mountain Home in
    North Carolina.
    All Kinds of people from Our Music Community have come through there, including several people from “Across The Pond!”
    I consider Geo my Brother and Fam!!
    He’s a Great Guy!!!
    Luv Him!!
    Scott Dj Chronic Copeland

  • Nice on brother, and couldn’t agree more! Hopefully one day we can do this.