Win a Free Shirt and other Swag in My Beatport 5000 Contest;)

Thanks to all of you awesome bass freaks I’ve camped out nearly 5,000 days across multiple genres in the Beatport Top 100 charts.  I’m pretty blown away by this feat, which includes multiple top 20 positions on the Beatport Main chart  for this year’s “It’s Wes Smith Yo – The Album” on Juice as well as my “Cali Cuts EP” on the legendary Stanton Warriors Punks imprint.  There’s also a broad spattering of #1’s & top 10’s among the Breaks and Glitch Hop charts.

Win Free Swag in My Beatport 5000 Contest;), Wes Smith, It's Wes Smith Yo!

To celebrate this awesomeness, I’m giving away a few shirts.  To enter, guess the date I will hit 5,000 days and the chart positions of any tracks I have in the charts on that day!

Example: Tuesday, November 3rd, 34, 55, 67, 99.

Leave your comments at the bottom of this post, on my official It’s Wes Smith Yo website.  Winners will be randomly selected based on the funkiness of your comment.  All entries will get stickers or a Yo Yo.

Thanks again, and see you at 10k;)

  • Timmy Teaze

    Octember 30-12th.

  • Trent Missingham

    It’s been a long time, I think its 5000 days for you

    With a strong beat and rhythmn to step to

    Think of how many weeks in the charts you could get to

    Heads up, its Wes Smith comin through!

    Thinking of this, you keep repeating, you hit

    So many numbers of tracks in the top 10 lists!

    So I listen to the audio, hand on the dial, boom

    As I hear another Wes Smith tune, pump up the volume!

  • Trent Missingham

    I just went for the funky comment, didnt guess the date sorry!

  • Kodiak Christopher Debter

    Hmmm I wanna say you hit it already cause you’re breaks are like prestige worldwide. 🙂 But let’s go with Tuesday November 3rd hahaha 🙂 Juice Squad for life brotha!! )'(

  • Mako Nicole Scott

    November 15.. it’s my birthday and I’m feeling lucky. 😉

  • Mako Nicole Scott


  • Nice nice….some good creativity here…ill leave this open a bit longeeeeeer!

  • 1SHOT

    what day/year was your first track drop?…lol

  • hahah, good call…it’s been a minute…but the 5,000 is actually only based on the totals @ since like late 2013;)

  • As luck would have it, today was the day I passed the mark. Kodiak Debter for the win;)

    Pop me your info through the website and we’ll get you sorted out.